Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday

Daily Cruise to Delos & Mykonos



The cruise departs from the port of Naoussa at 09:30 and the first stop is at the island of Delos. There you will encounter the small granite land of the god of light, Apollo, where you will see the exceptional archaeological site covering the history of three thousand years. During your visit you may admire amongst others, the sanctuary of Apollo, the terrace of the Lions dedicated to Apollo by the people of Naxos, the temple of Leto and the splendid exhibits of the local Museum.

After a 3-hour stay, at 13:30, you will reach the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. During your visit you will discover everything that has made her famous: a walk through the picturesque streets, the sight of the beautiful windmills and Small Venice, the traditional architecture. The Golden beaches, and the land bathed in white and blue will surely intrigue you. Worth visiting are the archaeological, nautical and folklore museums of the island.

At 17:00 the boat departs from Mykonos, arriving in Naoussa at 18:15.

Daily Cruise to Delos and Mykonos